NEON-dX - Inbound Campaign Automation Inbound Touchpoint Personalization

Prioritize and recommend offers based on individual customers’ persona, intent as well as on enterprise objectives to personalize customer experience across touch points.

Machine Learned offer recommendation

Automate next best offer recommendation and prioritization using proprietary packaged machine learned model based on historic and contextual usage behavior of customers. Optimize offers served on customer touch points based on recent customer interactions and marketing objectives of enterprises with self-learning models.

Digital touch point integration

Configure touch points to be integrated across traditional channels like customer care and digital channels like mobile and email for serving offers. Make use of add-on modules to integrate new age digital channels like social media, Chabot and voice platforms like Google Assistant.

Automated workflow for inbound marketing

Make use of GUI guided inbound marketing workflow automation from touch point integration to planning, execution and measurement. Switch between heuristic (rule-based) and machine learned decision-making framework for next best offer recommendation within the workflow with ease.

Real-time performance dashboards

Get an aggregated view of inbound marketing program performance across touch points including offer take up rate and revenue generated with real-time dashboards. Make use of stand-alone dashboards to capture day-wise and aggregated performance of customer care teams or agents in terms of converting customer inquiries to offer uptake.


Process billions of next best offer inquiries per month
Quickly integrate touch points across channels
Analyze terabytes of customer data per day
Reduce turn around time in serving next best offers


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