NEON-dX - Customer Analytics ModelingCustomer Insight Modeling

Rapidly prototype and deploy analytics models that can derive customer insights from a diverse range of data sources for driving customer engagement and value maximization.

Purpose-built model templates for rapid insight creation

Use purpose-built model templates to derive customers insights out of the box like affinity or propensity scores for driving customer engagement. Leverage best in class pre-processing and validation techniques while developing custom models.

Integrated and flexible environment for model development

Rapidly develop models and schedule automatic execution of models by using a flexible and integrated workspace. Make use of visualization and program libraries (R/Python/Scala) along with the capability to run small blocks of script for intermediate results to accelerate iterative model development.

Self-service Interface for Data Access and Preparation

Integrate data from different sources with ease using a rich library of API’s. Create ‘dataframes’ in few clicks to read data from as well as to write analytics output into an inbuilt data store.

Secured APIs for insight sharing

Ensure data privacy and security with appropriate controls, quality checks and generation of insights in a walled garden environment. Manage end-to-end insight orchestration process, including API integration and third party access control.


Easy access to data for model development
Rapid insight creation with packaged model templates
Improved analytics efficiency and productivity
Low latency from model development to deployment


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