Robo-X CLTV AI for CX

Harness the power of well-trained and proven AI to enable accurate decisions and timely actions for driving higher RoI across CX & digital transformation initiatives.


Gain accurate insights on customer’s usage behavior like product affinity, channel affinity, churn or winback propensity, sentiment score, predicted customer issues, product sales forecasts etc. Robo-X has out of the box AI/ML capabilities to derive these insights by analyzing complex usage/consumption behavior patterns. Leverage these insights across your marketing, service, digital and CX workflows to personalize interactions and improve customers’ lifetime value.

Engage Intelligently with Next Best Decisions

Empower marketers, product managers and customer service teams with AI-powered recommendations such as Next Best Offer, Next Best Segment, Next Best Channel, Next Best Agent etc against each customer based on their historical usage behavior and previous interactions. Also assure optimal business outcomes while launching new products & offers using AI-recommended designs and prices.

Perform Optimizations at Scale

Leverage AI to continuously rate and optimize the performance of marketing campaigns and offers at scale against the business goals without any heuristic analysis, saving time and effort for marketers. Also optimize coverage, revenue, margins and competitiveness of product portfolio/offer catalogs using machine-learned insights at product or offer level on sales volume, price points, margins, etc.

Available On Salesforce AppExchange

Now available on Salesforce AppExchange, Robo-X can optimize performance of email campaigns run on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. SFMC users can log into their Salesforce Marketing Cloud and invoke Robo-X with ease. It can analyze the historic campaign data and automatically determine the right segments for different email messages/campaigns to increase open/click rates, thereby increasing RoI on email marketing. Learn More

Key Capabilities

Churn/Win-back Prediction

Product Affinity

Next Best Offer

Campaign Rating & Optimization

Offer Rating & Optimization

Persona & Behavioral Tagging

Sentiment Scoring

Multi-view Clustering

Sales Forecasting

Next Best Channel

Next Best Agent Recommendation

Context & Issue Prediction


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