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Sales Accelerator

Are you facing challenges in maximizing upsell and cross-sell opportunities across your base?

Plug in the Sales Accelerator AI to your customer engagement/martech systems to discover the best possible combination of segments, offers and channels for each sales context to maximize conversions and revenue uplift.

Spot upsell/cross-sell opportunities at scale with ease

Leverage AI to derive behavioral insights like product affinity, channel affinity and price sensitivity of customers from complex purchase/usage data patterns. Leverage these insights to understand each customer deeper and micro-segment the base more precisely for your promotional campaigns.

Dynamically adjust offers and engagement to maximize conversions

Leverage AI to determine the best combination of segments, offers and channels for each upsell/cross-sell context. Extend AI-recommended offers across outbound and inbound touch points to maximize sales conversions and revenue uplift.


View the star ratings assigned by AI on each campaign that reflects its relative performance against other campaigns and the targets set by businesses. Review and implement new campaign constructs and offer design recommendations from AI to assure better returns from your upsell and cross-sell programs.


A leading Telco leverages Flytxt’s AI to accelerate business outcomes of upsell/cross-sell campaigns

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    times improvement in net conversion rate

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    increment in unique target conversion

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Key Capabilities

Upsell/Cross-sell NBO

Maximize upsell/cross-sell opportunities with each customer by leveraging AI to get a prioritized set of ‘Next Best Offers’.

Segment Discovery

Leverage AI to discover meaningful segments that reflect customers’ dynamic behavioral trends to increase audience reach.

Product Affinity

Leverage AI to get customers’ affinity against each product to help marketers identify how likely will a customer purchase a particular product/offer.

Channel Propensity

Leverage AI to identify the next best channel against each customer to increase reach and conversions.

Sales Program Optimization

Optimize performance of live campaigns and offers beyond human scale with AI that automatically rates them and suggests new campaign opportunities & offer constructs.

Sales Forecasting

Get forecasted revenue and margin accurately for campaigns/segments/ offers using AI based on their historical performance.


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