Are you looking for an AI tool that can automatically optimize hundreds of email campaigns currently running on Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Are you looking for a trusted AI that can guide marketers with decisive actions to improve the performance of these campaigns without any manual analysis?

With Robo-X, AI-Powered Campaign Optimization for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will never miss - any campaign opportunity to uplift revenue or any opportunity to improve the performance of live campaigns.

Available on Salesforce AppExchange

Subscribe to Robo-X from Salesforce AppExchange to optimize your email campaigns on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Marketers can log into their Salesforce Marketing Cloud and invoke Robo-X with ease. Integrated with the Marketing Cloud Via API, Robo-X can analyze the historic campaign data, automatically rate the performance of live campaigns, discover optimization opportunities and share optimized campaigns back to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for execution.

Accurately Discover Optimization Opportunities

Robo-X sifts through volumes of historical data, derives insights and precisely determines the best possible optimization opportunities for campaigns and customer engagements at scale.

Continuously rate the performance of campaigns

Robo-X benchmarks performance of campaigns against their goals using standard methodologies. It assigns star ratings to campaigns on a single dashboard for marketers to view and instantly assess their relative performance. This will help marketers to weed out low performing campaigns quickly.


Robo-X automatically identifies low performing campaigns while they are running and recommend steps to optimize performance saving marketer’s effort in analyzing multiple dashboards and insights given by AI tools. Once the recommendations from Robo-X are activated, they are made available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for immediate execution.


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