The cost of acquiring a telecoms customer is up to 25 times higher than retaining one.

But despite retention being a top priority for telcos, most CVM marketers don’t have the data they need to identify churn risks and win them back. Telco marketers are trapped in a cycle of paying huge sums of money to replace customers that they could have retained if they had better analytics.

But how can telco CVM marketers proactively and reliably reduce churn?

Our new report will show you how machine learning can help you hit your retention targets by identifying specific patterns of customer behaviour that even the most experienced marketers can miss. We call these patterns ‘Churn Signals’.

We’ve been building and training machine learning analytics that help telco CVM marketers to accurately predict customers that might churn, or are ready to buy more, for over 12 years. Our models have been trained on interactions with more than 700 million telco customers worldwide.

We’ll also outline a few of the ways our CVM Accelerator product can help you to hit your CVM targets faster by growing revenues and reducing churn.



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