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Digital Plus

Are you looking to extend your sales and retention programs to your digital and paid media channels? Are you looking for a solution that can track customer interactions and responses at digital touchpoints and identify right contexts to engage with them for driving conversions?

With the Digital Plus solution, you can execute marketing actions across email, web, mobile app, social media and conversational channels to provide a seamless experience to customers. Moreover, analyze the data captured from these digital channels to understand customer’s intent for personalizing your offers and responses.


Make use of Digital Plus solution to execute outreach campaigns as well as personalize inbound interactions on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram with ease. Using audience analytics for facebook, marketers can make use of reliable first party data from enterprises and machine-learned customer insights for creating custom audiences for Facebook campaigns with precision.It also allows marketers to extend the next best offer on social media touch points.


Harness the powerful analytics capabilities to create audience segments that can be automatically uploaded to popular email platforms like Mailchimp for executing targeted email campaigns. You can use real-time triggers to automatically send emails as well as perform A/B testing to test the effectiveness of the Email content for sub-segments before executing them for the whole base. You can also make use of Robo-X, our autonomous AI tool to optimize email engagement and conversion metrics at scale.


Digital Plus solution allows you to personalize marketing actions on conversational channels such as FB messenger, whatsapp and Telegram. With an AI powered Virtual Assistant, you can now have more intuitive, powerful and human-like personalized interactions and recommend right products and offers to ensure higher conversions.


Digital Plus enables marketers to track customer interactions on their website and app by integrating with tag management solutions like Google Tag Manager. Marketers can track visits, clicks and other interactions on the websites & app and can use it to enrich customer profile so as to provide a more in-depth understanding of customer’s usage behavior.


Eliminate wasteful ad spend and optimize marketing spend across own and paid media channels. With Digital Plus you can now budget, plan and execute paid media campaigns with accurate performance measurement. It easily integrates with ad platforms like facebook, instagram, etc and marketers can easily track performance of digital CVM campaigns across their own channels as well as paid media channels and can compare marketing spend vs budget across various paid media channels.


Ease of integration with digital channels
Comprehensive digital CVM automation
Better market reach and outcomes
Optimized marketing spend across channels


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