Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Autonomous Marketing AI

AI for CX

Have accurate insights by using purpose-built AI designed and trained with trillions of curated domain data. Achieve desired business outcomes from CX workflows faster.
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Omni-channel CVM

Omni-channel CVM

Orchestrate seamless, multi-wave, omni-channel engagements across customer touchpoints. Create more intuitive, profitable experiences.
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Federated Marketing

Enable B2C enterprises to collaborate and mutually share insights on common customers’ usage behavior. Ensure tight compliance with data privacy norms.
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What Challenges Would You Like to Solve?



Struggling to prevent silent churn and increase active user base?

Encountering difficulties in effectively nurturing your users?



Wish to empower agents with real-time intelligence to improve productivity?

Looking to reduce customer effort and drive self-care adoption?



Striving to spot churn signals accurately for initiating timely action?

Struggling to maximise upsell/cross-sell opportunities accross the base?

Customer Success Stories

An OTT company drives multi-content subscriptions with personalised recommendations

  • 18% increase in music streaming
  • 17% growth in news channel subscription
  • 15% improvement in chat activity

A super app company leverages Flytxt’s CVM SaaS solution to drive repeat usage

  • 30% increment in DAUs and 8% increment in MAUs in the first 3 months of engagement

A microlending service provider personalizes onboarding journey of its customers

  • Better customer engagement resulting in around 8% increase in monthly revenue
  • Streamlined the onboarding process for microlending consumers improving the customer experience
  • Timely and contextual engagement resulting in an increase in inquiries for short term loans

A leading Telco in East Africa leverages Flytxt’s AI to accelerate business outcomes of upsell/cross-sell campaigns

  • The net conversion rate improved by 2X over a month
  • Unique target conversions increased by 70% over a month

CUSTOMER Testimonials

I appreciate the effort put by Flytxt in revamping our CVM platform successfully and on-time. It proves that a success story can be created with proper planning and execution; and physical presence is not a barrier to executing business goals

Sanjeev Rawat

Chief Information Technology Officer Hutch 3

It is great to note Flytxt’s notable wins amidst a challenging global environment. All the best wishes to Flytxt team

Mohamed Hamdhy Hassen

GM-Marketing Hutchinson, Srilanka

We appreciate Flytxt’s role in this achievement. Looking forward to your continued support in the journey ahead

Enzo Scarcella

Group Chief Consumer Officer MTN


More than 80 enterprises across 50 countries are using our technology in private cloud, public cloud or as SaaS to drive customer engagement.

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