Customer Data Analytics for Digital Service Enablement

QREDA-dX platform is designed to enable Telcos and other enterprises share customer data insights derived from underlying data streams with external partners to launch new digital services. However the platform ensures that insights are shared in full compliance to data privacy regulations and guidelines as well as data security norms.

Seamless Data Integration

QREDA-dX ensures seamless integration of data from diverse sources within the enterprise IT infrastructure (Billing, CRM, BI, Probes, DPI, Customer care etc.) as well as from external sources (Device Data, Geospatial Maps, Retail Purchase Data, etc). QREDA-dX platform has advance analytics capabilities to derive deeper consumer insights that can help brands, advertisers and other adjacent industries. These insights are derived by analysing demographic profiles, socio-economic trends, psycho-graphic interests, location patterns and behavioral attributes of mobile consumers.

Data Privacy & Security Management

QREDA-dX platform ensures customer data privacy and data security as it transforms any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to Non-PII format. With this capability, consumer insights are abstracted out from data by removing any information which can identify individual subscribers before sharing it with the external world. The platform is also designed to take care of other privacy features like multi-channel opt-in/opt-out, DND Management and Frequency Management.

Packaged Consumer Insights

QREDA-dX can derive deeper actionable consumer insights from enterprise data as well as other data like open data. These insights can reflect demographic, socio-economic, pyschographic, location and device attributes and behavior of consumers on a population scale. The insights can be packaged as per the needs of the enterprise partners like advertisers, consumer research firms and can be shared via secured APIs.

Multi-channel Communication Gateway

QREDA-dX can extend Telcos' multi-channel inventory to the advertiser, providing them with unprecedented reach in mobile advertising. It can enable customer engagement through multiple channels such as SMS, WAP Push, IVR, MCA, USSD, OBD and WAP Banner. The platform has built in integrated gateways to support these channels using connectors like SMPP, HTTP, SOAP, File, HTTP REST, etc. Thus, QREDA-dX can also ensure that advertisers can reach consumers on their preferred channel of communication, which can help in improving efficiency and effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.

Automated Billing and Invoicing

QREDA-dX platform has built in workflows to enable enterprises do billing and settlement with its monetisation partners. The product can also provide enterprises with real-time dashboard and standard as well as custom reports on ad campaign performance, inventory utilization, etc which will help them to bring transparency to billing and invoicing process.

Customers and Partners

  • Flytxt customer Zain
  • Flytxt customer Vodafone
  • Flytxt customer MTN
  • Flytxt customer Airtel
  • Flytxt customer Etisalat
  • Flytxt customer Idea
  • Flytxt Customer Safaricom
  • Flytxt Customer Tunetalk
  • Hutch
  • Flytxt Customer Ooredoo
  • Vodacom Mozambique
  • Flytxt Customer Ncell
  • Flytxt partner Yes Bank
  • Flytxt Partner Johnson and Johnson
  • Flytxt Partner Philips
  • Flytxt Partner Wolksvagon
  • Flytxt Partner Samsung
  • Flytxt Partner Marico
  • Nokia
  • Godrej
  • National Geographic
  • Axis Bank
  • Unilever
  • Caterpillar
  • Chevrolet
  • Datsun
  • McDonald's
  • Flytxt partner Wipro
  • Flytxt Partner VoltDB
  • EMC2
  • Flytxt Partner Intel
  • Flytxt Partner IIT Delhi
  • Flytxt Partner TNO

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