Customer Data Analytics for Digital Customer Engagement

NEON-dX is designed to help enterprises enhance digital customer engagement through customer data analytics. The product is capable of integrating multiple enterprise data and deriving deeper actionable customer insights using packaged analytical models or custom analytics. It has multiple applications built on it to consume customer insights in different business workflows, helping enterprises to generate measurable economic value by enhancing revenue, reducing customer churn, enabling faster decisioning and improving customer experience. It is deployed with more than 50 customers in 35 countries, serving over 500 million mobile consumers.

Seamless Data Integration

NEON-dX ensures seamless integration with inbound and outbound data sources in enterprise IT infrastructure through its pre-built configurable interfaces. NEON-dx data integration workflows can collect data be it structured, semi-structured or unstructured from virtually any source including IT systems, customer care interfaces, real-time event sources, social media channels and so on. The platform also supports standard APIs to third party systems (provisioning, IN, SDP, BI, CRM), which helps in reducing the data integration time significantly.

Comprehensive Data Governance

NEON-dX facilitates master data management to ensure single version of the fact, despite insights and aggregates from a variety of sources and periods in time. It ensures rule based cleansing, computation and storage of data in desired form for Upstream Applications. This augments KPIs/metrics, and synchronizes it with other applications, business processes, and analytical tools. Data processes are all-or-nothing and restart automatically, but dashboards for monitoring data quality manually (by a data steward or data operations engineer) are created and can be customized.

Packaged and Custom Analytics

NEON-dX platform offers packaged analytical models and smart visualizations for business users. These analytical models created by Flytxt data scientists and decision scientists using predictive analytics, Prescriptive analytics, and heuristic analytics can be leveraged to extract deeper and actionable insights. Apart from packaged analytical models, the platform also provides a data science workbench for data scientists to work with underlying data to build custom analytical models.

Distributed Analytical Processing

The platform features Flytxt- extended Hadoop libraries to enable distributed implementation of the various algorithms and models. Along with a custom engineered automated workflow generator for creating distributed analytical models, this helps in eliminating typical distribution overheads. The platform also provides a GUI for creation, modifications and maintenance of ETL jobs and analytical models that enables the creation and use of large number of such jobs by field domain expertise, aiding experimentation and new business models.

Self-serve Analytics

NEON-dX offers self-serve analytics capabilities in terms of smart visualisations and exploratory data analysis for business users. With this, they can analyse data on their own without any dependency on IT team and derive insights quickly for smarter decisioning. Exploratory analysis module will help them to drill down data for analysing KPIs at different levels like customer segment. The analysis can also be done on a time scale to derive useful patterns like changes in segment behavior like product affinity and ARPU upliftment.

Real-time, Closed-loop, Integrated Workflows

The platform is designed to consume insights and enable integrated, closed-loop, real-time execution of actions and decisions across business workflows. NEON-dX platform reduces typical data to action time from days to minutes/seconds as users can manage end to end workflows for data ingestion to data analysis, segmentation, customer communication, tracking, fulfillment and impact measurement from one single interface.

Proven Platform Recognized Globally

NEON platform won the prestigious iCMG architecture excellence award and also was rated in the exemplar quadrant of Frost and Sullivan’s Marketing Analytics product excellence matrix.

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Frost and Sullivan Product Excellence >>

Customers and Partners

  • Flytxt customer Zain
  • Flytxt customer Vodafone
  • Flytxt customer MTN
  • Flytxt customer Airtel
  • Flytxt customer Etisalat
  • Flytxt customer Idea
  • Flytxt Customer Safaricom
  • Flytxt Customer Tunetalk
  • Hutch
  • Flytxt Customer Ooredoo
  • Vodacom Mozambique
  • Flytxt Customer Ncell
  • Flytxt partner Yes Bank
  • Flytxt Partner Johnson and Johnson
  • Flytxt Partner Philips
  • Flytxt Partner Wolksvagon
  • Flytxt Partner Samsung
  • Flytxt Partner Marico
  • Nokia
  • Godrej
  • National Geographic
  • Axis Bank
  • Unilever
  • Caterpillar
  • Chevrolet
  • Datsun
  • McDonald's
  • Flytxt partner Wipro
  • Flytxt Partner VoltDB
  • EMC2
  • Flytxt Partner Intel
  • Flytxt Partner IIT Delhi
  • Flytxt Partner TNO

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