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    We revamp your mobile UI/UX every 6 months.
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    With 95% OSS/BSS out there in the World.
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mVentus, Flytxt smart mobility solution enables enterprises to extend their business on mobile with ease, world class security, reliability & scalability. Using mVentus solution, Enterprise customers can check their account information, push campaign system, handle service requests/records, get new products videos/images, latest offers, schedule appointments, chat with agents or among with Enterprise community. mVentus solution reduces operational expenses, enhances revenue and ultimately results in a better customer experience.

The existing market solutions generally have following issues:

  • Converting their websites into Mobile Application - results in poor adoption of the app and is a big damage to your brand.
  • Time to build the solution – Typically more than 8+ weeks are needed for such solutions to be developed. In addition 1-2 weeks are accounted for testing and acceptance. Enterprises really do not have even a 3- 4 week window & time to invest as it would not only require skill sets but also other costs including software and operations.
  • Even though the solution is developed in-house it offers 50% of the solution.
  • Test/ monitor Your Self – Despite all these efforts, Enterprises lack inventory of all form factors for mobile devices and hence can’t guarantee if solution will work on all devices. There are more than 4000+ devices in market that app should be tested upon.
  • Bad Customer Experience – When designing a mobile solution the enterprise would not have the capability to think on the lines of UX and UI which product vendors do.
  • And most importantly security. Do you know that you app can be reverse engineered and whole data/security can be compromised. Just running the app on secured tunnels like https is only 25% secured.


Our solution is already in production over 4000+ models in different parts of the world for last 3+ years.

UI/UX Experience

A big challenge in industry right now is that most app companies do not have UX/UI expertise and Enterprises have less budget to focus on such activities. With our GSMA & Graham-Bell awards winning app, Enterprises can have peace of mind that mVentus keeps its hand tight on latest UX/UI experience.

Predictive Analysis

All of our modules come with automated logging and predictive analysis. With real time charts into your consumers activity, we keep you updated all the time at your disposal We alert you before the problem happens – that is when user is about to reach its agony threshold

Smart Mobility Solutions

Self Care
Workforce Automation
HR Mobility

Why mVentus


With this feature the system can deflect a call made by the subscriber to the IVR and while waiting for the call to be answered, more


The customer care agent can send bill/recharge, call/data charges details and settings instruction videos directly to


A big hindrance to adoption of app is by asking subscriber to signup for the service. The app caters to all segments (feature phone and smartphone) & auto authenticates the more


So far, analytics is based on consumer profile & demographics, buying history, call records. With the self-care app in picture, operator now has insights