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We are happy to release a newsletter highlighting approaches and strategies for CSPs world-wide to monetize assets through new adjacent services and business models. It will serve as a reference guide to understand how CSPs can leverage their core assets of network infrastructure, IT platform capabilities and most importantly customer relationship and insights to generate and sustain new revenue streams. These emerging adjacent services are expected to generate 20% more economic value for CSPs by 2016-2017.


Market Insight: Data Monetization by CSPs, Worldwide, 2014

Charlotte Patrick | Gareth Herschel | Saul Judah

More communications service providers with sophisticated data capabilities will test new opportunities to monetize data and their related skills in 2014. From this report, CSPs’ product managers and operational teams will learn how CSPs can participate in the value chain for big data and analytics.

Flytxt Content

  • A thought leadership article detailing asset monetization opportunities for CSPs through adjacent services
  • Use cases: Leveraging Big Data analytics to drive external insight monetization
  • An approach note on how CSPs can become integral players in Mobile Advertising ecosystem?
Interview with Dr Vinod Vasudevan – CEO, Flytxt

Navigating Big Data Analytics for Telecom: Interview with Dr.Vinod Vasudevan, CEO, Flytxt

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