Ingredients for a mobile revolution

Having discussed about the evolution from digital to the mobile advertising space let’s throw some light on the future trigger factors which caused or will cause mobile advertising to evolve, mature and grow further.

  1. Legal issues: When mobile as a advertising channel started making rounds, SMS acted as a prime channel. And then legal regulatory bodies got into action to ensure that all is done under its defined rules, this almost killed SMS as a legal advertising medium.
  2. Mobile Internet: With growing popularity of smart phones and availability of faster data transfer (3G), we are experiencing next wave of mobile advertising medium which is ‘Mobile Internet advertising’. This is more or less very similar to internet advertising.
  3. Dedicated OS: Smart phones growth triggered the war of standardizing operating system which further evolved into creating dedicated app stores to provide something extra to consumer. Then came phase of providing apps for free. This created opportunities for app developers to monetize the app using ads.
  4. Real time Personalization: Another trigger for mobile advertising to grow exponentially is personalization of ads in near real time. Ads will be more targeted to individual users, enabling everything from the banner creative to the frequency of contact etc determined in real time.

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Evolution from internet to mobile internet – A marketer’s perspective

When traditional media gave way to digital media advertising, marketers were offered with newer avenues to engage with the customers. Digital media thus emerged as the most influential modes of advertising considering the reach and measurability. Online ads, display banners, e-mailers and websites emerged to pop up to the consumer at every possible keyword search. Bulk sized machines gave way to laptops and then palmtops, but with the accessibility of internet on mobiles; mobile internet has created windows of opportunities for the brands and operators alike. Read More

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Users more Receptive to Mobile Ads when Incentivized

When it comes to advertisements on mobile, incentives score high as the reason for receiving them for mobile phone users. According to a recent online survey conducted by Flytxt, 63 % respondents said they will opt for advertisements on mobile if they get some kind of reward or perk in exchange for it. Moreover, the preference on rewards is unambiguously pronounced with 58% of the people surveyed looking for incentives in terms of free talk time or SMS over discounts and freebees. Read More

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Right place at the right time

Consider a scenario where you have recently moved into a new location alien in terms of geography, culture and the worse – a language that can never tame your tongue. For the benefit of the techno-geeks, the smart and sleek gadget which constantly ‘mobiles’ wherever you go has evolved to a new form of search device.

Mobile search is an option which has the potential to be utilized extensively by brands and mobile operators alike. The outlet/product or service of concern will be positioned on the map (Google maps for example) and the brand is to pay for the same. “Mobile search, which includes paid positioning on maps and various forms of augmented reality, all of which can be informed by location, will spearhead mobile ad spending,” says Ms. Stephanie, Research Director at Gartner. Read More

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Mobile media going social?

Engagement and conversations with a prospective consumer is what every marketer shall vouch for. Social media tools takes a brand a step closer to the user, connecting to them at every possible touch point. With hundreds of ‘smarter’ phones being launched everyday, brands and marketers are to realize the importance of this so called ‘social connection’ to break the physical and virtual barriers and merge all channels of communication.

Like, follow and update. With most people being on the go, mobile has emerged as the most sought after medium for instant access and updates. The galaxy model launched by Motor with the ‘social hub’ feature which allows the integration of facebook, twitter messages aggregated on to a single domain.  Operators ensuring the presence of network tower at every nook, mobile internet users are able to connect to the virtual world on their mobile/cell phone without the burden of heavy laptops – to the world with 3787 friends and 423 networks. Read More

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Why “End to End” mobile campaign management technology is not really “End to End”?

If I have to be honest, in mobile marketing technology providers space, “End to End” is the most frivolously and inaccurately used phrase! Every player who has the capability to send a message calls themselves an “End to End” mobile marketing technology provider. But we have to understand that mobile campaign management is neither about sending the message, nor about the channel of communication! It is about engaging the customer and driving them towards desired behavior. Only technologies which have comprehensive features that engage subscribers and make them respond to the marketers call to action are truly “End to End”
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Leveraging Mobile Marketing for your Business

Mobile is fast gaining popularity as an effective marketing channel especially in Asia which accounts for almost 50 per cent of all the mobile phones in the world.

As mobile devices are highly personal, they enable brands and marketers to directly connect with the consumers. Of course, the brands need to be careful to build up a rich opt-in and CRM database of the target market to benefit from this and ensure a high ROI for the marketing efforts.
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Advertising on Mobile

It seems like advertisers and marketers have been waiting for long enough now, quietly waiting for the mobile marketing and advertising to take off and deliver on its annual promise. Most marketers are tightly holding on to the belief that overnight mobile marketing and advertising will mature and yield results higher than other channels. An unusual expectation perhaps!

Clearly the marketers and advertisers are missing out the point. While advertisers have been slow to adopt, we should remember that the consumers have already made their transition. Mobile, today, is one of the fastest growing digital channels for consumers and their phone is just another platform on which they consume digital content from the brands they love. It is high time marketers realise the fact that mobile is now a key part of their digital lifestyle. Yet majority of advertisers and marketers are slow in realizing the big opportunity they are missing out by ignoring the channel.  For mobile to mature within the digital media market it needs only to be recognized as an important part of the wider digital picture.
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Vision of QREDA Mobile Advertising platform

QREDA – the brand new mobile advertising platform from the pioneer in mobile advertising domain – Flytxt, is a platform that is designed to be a game changer for entire value chain. The following blog post discusses the philosophy and the vision behind QREDA.

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What will drive Mobile Marketing & Advertising in 2011?

Welcome to 2011! With the New Year unveiling, it’s about time we lay out a few trends which we believe will shape mobile marketing and advertising in 2011.

Eleven Marketing Trends

1. Relevance will be the key revenue driver for new mobile based services:

With advanced trends such as Location-Based Services (LBS), Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile internet, Mobile TV and influence of social media, the success of advertisers and brands will be defined more by “Relevance” than “Reach or Frequency.”  In 2011, we will see advertisers combining the demographical, behavioral, geographical and contextual attributes which are unique to a consumer to transform campaign from an ‘ad’ to a ‘personalized brand experience’. Products and services marketing will be customized to cater to individual tastes & preferences.  To give an example, an augmented reality listing of restaurants in a particular street will be replaced by ads informing about specific restaurants that serve consumers’ favorite cuisine in his/her preferred price range with discount coupons and offers. Read More

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