7 Ways To Leverage The Data Goldmine With Big Data And Analytics

Gary King, Director, Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science calls Big Data a revolution and says, “We’re really just getting under way. But the march of quantification, made possible by enormous new sources of data, will sweep through academia, business and government. There is no area that is going to be untouched.

Ever recall those days when you used to hop to the local grocery store to buy your monthly necessities and the shopkeeper would already know what you need? He would already start arranging your requisites when you walked into the shop without you having to tell him/ her. He would also suggest you new and better products than the one you usually buy. Read More

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Applying Data Science and Mathematical Modelling to Predict Election Verdict

Exit polls, or combinations of exit polls, have been traditionally used to predict the results of elections. In the absence of exit polls, an interesting question is whether the results of an election can be predicted through mathematical models using publicly available data, including social media sources such as Twitter. Conducting exit polls has its own associated logistical challenges and most importantly, it is conducted after voters have already casted their vote and hence cannot be of much use prior to elections. In the US Presidential Elections, Obama’s campaign made heavy use of data sciences to understand people’s opinion and its temporal change closely, so that their campaigns could be optimized. Now, our attempt is to make use of similar predictive models in the Indian context, to predict election outcomes in advance, leveraging our expertise in data sciences and mathematical modelling. Read More

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Telco Big Data for Enhancing Customer Experience – Why? How?

The 3rd Annual Customer Experience Management in Telecom Middle East Summit was held in Dubai on March 30th, this year and I was honored to be invited as a panelist at the event. Although, the event focused on Customer Experience Management, it was quite appropriate that we had a full day dedicated for discussions and sessions around ‘Big Data’. A range of topics were discussed around the role Big Data in Customer Experience Management (CEM) and it would be worthwhile to recapitulate some of the thoughts and views expressed in the discussion:

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Integrated Big Data Analytics approach to Sustained Economic Value Creation for CSPs

A telecom operator is a ‘natural’ Big Data factory. Huge volume of data is generated each second as part of its business-as-usual processes and what is more – all this data is generated, captured and available in real-time and digital form by default. This is unlike any other industry – healthcare, retail or public sector – where data has to be purposefully captured and then converted to digital form. Increasing connectivity, faster networks, and growth of connected devices and subscribers, all continue to multiply the volume and variety of data.

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Combining Technology, Consulting and Execution to deliver measurable economic value from existing data

Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) ability to generate incremental value from existing data would depend not only on their efficiency to derive insights from every possible data but also on their agility to turn these insights into timely decisions and transform these decisions to business actions.

Flytxt has conceptualized a full service delivery model combining data science and decision science to enable CSP’s to generate measurable economic value from their existing data.

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Use cases: Applying Big Data Analytics to transform business KPIs for CSPs

CSPs are operating in a competitive and dynamic environment. In order to sustain their growth and market share in a highly competitive world, they need to leverage the full potential of their assets of network and subscriber data. Big Data analytics will enable quick experimentation with large volume of variety data, replace human decisioning, create transparency across business operations, enable micro segmentation and bring in innovative business models, products and pricing.

We will discuss a few use cases here to demonstrate how CSPs can leverage Big Data analytics to transform their business KPIs and generate measurable economic impact.

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CSP data driven Analytics trends for 2014

The digital shift is inevitable for consumers with half the global population carrying a smartphone and next generation digital services like M2M finally coming of age. Proliferation of digital services and explosion in connected devices will surge Big Data in CSP world to the order of Zettabytes per month. IDC predicts that CSPs on an average will be scanning 100 billion records a day by end of 2014 as again 40 billion records a day now.   CSP worldwide are in the pursuit of finding the perfect Big Data recipe for leveraging this huge information asset to solve their immediate concerns of decline in revenue and margin as well as increase in customer churn.

2013 was a year of experimentation and trials.  We have seen a number of use cases applying Big Data Analytics to make an impact across functions like network optimization, contextual marketing, customer care, location based services, etc. 2014 is when Big Data is expected to go mainstream in Telecom with almost two-third of the CSPs planning to deploy Big Data Analytics capabilities to generate sustained economic value. Read More

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Telco’s approach to enhance data usage: The 3 Essentials

Operators have invested in networks like 3G to deliver a superior data experience to subscribers. There is a strong belief that data services can enable operators offset their declining voice revenue and potential wise it is true. According to COAI, data services contribute around 20% of total revenue and studies indicate that it will cross voice revenue in another 5 years.  Indian operators have low broadband data ARPU compared to operators in even emerging markets like Mexico. Can we accelerate the growth of data services? We can do it if operators get the promotional strategy right along with their focus on coverage, content and making the services affordable.

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Top 4 necessities driving marketing innovation with CSP’s in Emerging Markets!

Innovation is a buzz word which will excite us all the time. As the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention and this is so true for emerging telecom markets. Developing world Telco’s work under a variety of constraints that compel them to find innovative ways to run and grow their businesses. If you track the initiatives of Telco’s from the emerging markets especially in the last five years, you would see that innovation has almost become a routine for them, they do it every now and then. They have gone to the extent of innovating without even recognizing it. We in Flytxt have ourselves partnered with Telco’s for bringing out many such unique innovations in how they engage with their consumers and market their products/services. Let us look at the top 4 unique characteristics of emerging telecom markets and see how they have led to innovation in terms of technology use, roll out of products/services as well as in improving customer experience.

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Operator’s Big Data Push in the pursuit of ‘Smartness’

Next Generation Telco's are already on the move. They have realized that they need to change from mere connectivity providers to become enablers of unconventional and disruptive business models to make a move in the saturating and competitive markets. Many operators have already initiated their attempts to switch from 'dumb' to 'smart' pipe providers. Read More

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